Bauerfeind MOS-Genu

Size: 1
Leg: Right
Brace Version: Short
Sale price$2,010.00

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The MOS-Genu orthosis stands as a pinnacle of orthopedic engineering, offering critical correction and stabilization after intricate knee surgeries such as corrective osteotomy, meniscus removal, or ligament reconstructions. This device features a meticulously contoured aluminum frame, equipped with finely adjustable joints and axes, that provides robust yet discerning support to the knee. Accompanied by straps and specially designed, skin-friendly cushions, the MOS-Genu effectively manages post-operative swelling, ensuring the knee is cradled in comfort while maintaining stability. The orthosis is designed to minimize constraining forces on the knee joint, allowing for precise relief and support where needed. Available in both standard and extended lengths, it caters to a variety of post-surgical needs, ensuring that the knee is maintained in the correct alignment for optimal healing. The MOS-Genu is a testament to the balance of strength and lightness, promoting a secure yet comfortable recovery journey.


Best Used For

  • Post-operative stabilization following knee surgeries
  • Targeted relief and correction after complex knee injuries
  • Support for the knee in correcting bowleg or knock knee misalignments
  • Assisting the healing process of cruciate or collateral ligament injuries
  • Minimizing load impact while ensuring maximum stability
  • Reducing pressure on the knee joint and surrounding ligaments
  • Long-term comfort during rehabilitation and daily activities

Sizing Chart

Stability and Relief

If the knee is affected by severe instability, it requires special support. The special frame design of the MOS-Genu provides external support for the knee, holding it in the correct axis. Possible constraining forces on the knee joint are reduced to a minimum. Its joints, with physiologically optimal pivots, can be adjusted in 10-degree intervals. Pressure on the collateral ligaments or on parts of the knee can be relieved individually.

Strong Yet Lightweight

The MOS-Genu orthosis ensures maximum stability with minimum load impact. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and the shells have skin-friendly, breathable cushions and do not slip. Condylar cushions of varying thicknesses compensate for any swelling. The orthosis can therefore be worn with comfort, even over extended periods of time.

Product Features

  • Adjustable axes and joints for a customized fit
  • Anatomically contoured aluminum frame for targeted support
  • Special cushions to accommodate swelling and enhance comfort
  • Condylar padding to adjust for changes in knee joint girth
  • Physiologically optimal pivots on joints for natural knee movement
  • Durable construction with breathable materials
  • Non-slip design for consistent wear and stability

Material and Quality

Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and surrounded by breathable, skin-friendly padding, the MOS-Genu offers a stable yet comfortable experience. The high-quality materials ensure both durability and functionality, crucial for the recovery and support of post-operative knees.

Product Shipping

This orthosis qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, facilitating a seamless transition from surgical recovery to daily life mobility.

Return Policy

We stand behind the MOS-Genu with a hassle-free return policy, providing assurance that if the orthosis doesn't meet your specific post-operative needs or fit expectations, it can be returned effortlessly.

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