Bauerfeind SecuTec Omo Shoulder Brace

Arm: Left
Sale price$850.00

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The SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis represents a significant advancement in shoulder joint rehabilitation, providing essential support and pain relief following surgeries such as prosthetic implantation or traumatic injuries like a dislocated shoulder. This state-of-the-art orthosis features a multifunctional joint with two distinct adjustable settings, allowing for precise control over the abduction and rotation of the arm. The abduction angle can be set up to 60°, and both inward and outward rotations can be finely tuned with the simple press of a button, catering to the specific needs of the healing process. Rotation limits can also be implemented when necessary to protect the joint from movements that could hinder recovery. Innovatively designed to forgo the need for a shoulder strap, the SecuTec Omo is supported by a pelvic frame, thereby preventing the compensatory tension often experienced in the contralateral shoulder. Moreover, the angle of the pelvic frame is adaptable to conform to the patient's body, ensuring the orthosis delivers both optimal functionality and a high level of comfort.


Best Used For

  • Post-operative support after shoulder injuries or prosthesis implantation
  • Stabilization following traumatic shoulder events like dislocations
  • Immobilization in various abduction positions to relieve tendinous bands
  • Adjustable abduction up to 60° for personalized therapy requirements
  • Controlled inward and outward rotation of the arm
  • Reducing pain and securing the injured joint during rehabilitation
  • Preventing incorrect posture and tension in the healthy shoulder

Sizing Chart

The Bauerfeind SecuTec Omo Shoulder Brace is universal fit. One size will fit almost everyone.

Product Features

  • Two adjustable settings for precise abduction and rotation control
  • Easy regulation of rotation at the touch of a button
  • Independent angle and rotation adjustments regardless of selected position
  • Pelvic frame support eliminating the need for a shoulder strap
  • Adjustable pelvic frame angle for a perfect anatomical fit
  • Rotation limitation option to safeguard the healing process
  • Available shoulder strap as a spare part for additional support if required

Material and Quality

The SecuTec Omo is constructed with high-quality materials designed to provide durability and comfort throughout the recovery period. The orthosis is engineered to accommodate the natural shape of the body while ensuring the shoulder is properly secured and relieved of undue stress.

Product Shipping

The SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis comes with Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring patients receive timely support for their shoulder rehabilitation needs.

Return Policy

We stand behind our SecuTec Omo orthosis with a hassle-free return policy. Should the product not meet your needs or if sizing adjustments are required, returns are straightforward, ensuring patient satisfaction and confidence in their recovery aid.

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