Bauerfeind CoxaTrain Hip Brace

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The CoxaTrain is a state-of-the-art hip orthosis that provides essential guidance and stabilization to the hip joint, facilitating improved mobility and pain relief. Designed for those who experience discomfort in the lumbar, pelvic, and hip regions, this orthosis features a unique combination of gluteal and friction pads that deliver a soothing massage effect to the muscles, promoting relaxation and enhancing movement. The CoxaTrain's innovative design includes an eccentric hinge with a trochanter pad that offers immediate relief to the pelvis and sacroiliac joints through circular compression and individually adjustable tensioning straps. Its height-adjustable thigh support ensures an above-the-joint fit, further stabilizing the area. Crafted from breathable materials, the CoxaTrain boasts a high level of patient compliance due to its comfort during extended wear. The lightweight and flat design render it virtually invisible under clothing, and with convenient finger loops, the orthosis is exceptionally easy to put on and take off. Whether navigating daily activities or engaging in physical therapy, the CoxaTrain enhances gait by reducing pain, making physical activity more accessible and thereby supporting both treatment and the body’s natural self-healing capabilities.


Best Used For

  • Alleviating pain in the lumbar, pelvic, and hip regions
  • Relaxing the muscles responsible for movement
  • Providing immediate relief for pelvis and sacroiliac joint discomfort
  • Offering stabilizing support during physical activities
  • Improving gait and reducing the symptoms of limping
  • Assisting in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and impingement syndrome
  • Activating sensorimotor functions and massaging trigger points

Size and Fit

The CoxaTrain is designed to fit seamlessly and comfortably by conforming to the natural shape of your pelvic and thigh regions. With adjustable supports and tensioning straps, it provides a customized fit for users of various body types. The height of the thigh support above the joint splint can also be adjusted for optimal efficacy and comfort. For precise sizing and instructions on how to wear the CoxaTrain, please consult the included sizing guide or contact our customer service team for assistance.

*please note: A medibrace representative will contact you to assist in sizing process. This is to ensure that the correct size is prescribed.

Product Features

  • Anatomically placed pads for muscle massage and pain relief
  • Adjustable tensioning straps for targeted circular compression
  • Eccentric hinge with trochanter pad to relax the muscles during movement
  • Height-adjustable thigh support for a personalized fit
  • Lightweight, flat design that remains discreet under clothing
  • Breathable, elastic material for comfort and compliance
  • Easy-to-use finger loops for straightforward application and removal

Material and Quality

Crafted from high-quality, breathable, and elastic materials, the CoxaTrain ensures optimal comfort while providing the necessary support. The bracing joint splint is made from durable aluminum, which maintains the structure of the support while remaining flexible enough to allow for natural movement. Attention to detail in the design and material selection results in a premium orthosis that patients can rely on for their recovery and daily support needs.

Product Shipping

The CoxaTrain qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, allowing you to receive the support you need without the worry of extra shipping costs. We strive to deliver your orthosis quickly so you can start experiencing relief as soon as possible.

Return Policy

We believe in the CoxaTrain's ability to provide significant relief and support. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or if the fit is not as expected, our hassle-free return policy ensures you can make a return with ease. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities, and our policy reflects our commitment to your health and well-being.

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