Bauerfeind EpiPoint

Color: Blue
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The Bauerfeind EpiPoint stabilizing support emerges as an effective solution for individuals battling tendon pain associated with common afflictions like tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateral), elbow tendonitis, and other related conditions. Ingeniously designed, this support harnesses the power of a strategically placed elastic pressure cushion (pad) that applies targeted relief to the tendon attachments, thereby alleviating stress and discomfort at critical points. A noteworthy feature of the EpiPoint support is its innovative red warning section—a visual guide that alerts users if the strap's tension exceeds the recommended tightness, ensuring optimal pressure and preventing further irritation. Versatility is also a key aspect of this stabilizing support, as it is adeptly crafted to be suitable for both the left and right arm, allowing for easy adaptation to your specific needs. The Bauerfeind EpiPoint is not just a brace; it's a sophisticated, supportive tool designed to aid in the recovery process and facilitate a return to daily activities without the shadow of tendon pain.


Best Used For

  • Relieving tendon pain due to tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateral) and elbow tendonitis
  • Reducing irritation at muscle and tendon attachment sites
  • Applying precise pressure to alleviate stress on tendon attachments
  • Preventing over-tightening with a specialized red warning section
  • Providing symmetrical support for either the left or right arm
  • Assisting in the healing process of tendon-related injuries
  • Maintaining daily activities and sport practices with reduced pain

Size and Fit

The Bauerfeind EpiPoint stabilizing support is crafted to accommodate a universal fit that caters to the majority of arm sizes. The adjustable strap ensures a snug yet comfortable grip that maintains effective pressure without compromising circulation. To ensure proper usage and the full therapeutic benefits, it is essential to follow the instructions for adjusting the strap, particularly paying attention to the red warning section for optimal tension.

Product Features

  • Integral elastic pressure cushion for targeted tendon relief
  • Adjustable strap for a customizable, secure fit
  • Red warning section to indicate excessive tightening
  • Ambidextrous design compatible with both left and right arms
  • Engineered for comfort and extended wear
  • Easy to put on and remove for convenience and independence
  • Durable materials designed for longevity and resilience

Material and Quality

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Bauerfeind EpiPoint stabilizing support is designed for durability and comfort. The fabric and elastic pressure cushion are chosen for their ability to provide consistent, therapeutic pressure while remaining comfortable enough for daily wear. The materials are also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and maintenance are hassle-free.

Product Shipping

With a commitment to your health and convenience, the Bauerfeind EpiPoint stabilizing support comes with Free Shipping across Canada. You can anticipate prompt delivery of your support, allowing you to begin your journey to recovery without delay.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction with the Bauerfeind EpiPoint is our top priority. If the support does not meet your expectations, or you encounter any issues with the fit, our hassle-free return policy makes it simple to return the product. We are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience and ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with your purchase.

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