Bauerfeind GenuPoint Knee Strap

Color: Titan
Size: 1
Sale price$120.00

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The GenuPoint® brace stabilizes and guides the patellar tendon during loading, providing relief with a special functional element and pressure points. Its narrow, anatomically contoured design sits below the kneecap and offers maximum freedom of movement with soft, elastic fabric and adjustable compression.


  • Medically effective compression of the patellar tendon using an individually adjustable strap
  • Easy to put on without slipping thanks to reversible buckles on both sides
  • High wearing comfort thanks to soft, breathable materials
  • Noticeable relief thanks to the pad with four pressure points
  • Hardly visible under clothing thanks to its flat design

Best Used For

  • Relieving excess strain on the patellar tendon
  • Easing pain in the front of the knee
  • Counteracting the noticeable effects of restricted mobility
  • Tendinitis of the patellar ligament (jumper’s knee, patellar tip syndrome)
  • Chondropathy of the patella
  • Anterior knee pain

Size and Fit

The GenuPoint brace is available in multiple sizes and can be adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit using the reversible buckles on both sides.


Material and Quality

The brace is made from soft, breathable materials that are only elastic in one direction, providing maximum freedom of movement while holding the knee securely in place. The pressure point pad is made from a gel-like material for noticeable relief, and the brace's flat design makes it hardly visible under clothing.

Return Policy

We stand behind our product and offer a hassle-free return policy, ensuring that you can return the brace if it doesn't fit properly or doesn't meet your expectations.

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