Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace

Color: Titan (Grey)
Size: 1
Knee: Left
Sale price$480.00

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    The GenuTrain S Pro knee brace is a pinnacle of orthopedic design, bringing together advanced stability with controlled mobility for those suffering from knee conditions. Its adjustable hinges are meticulously crafted to secure the knee during dynamic movement, while the possibility to limit the knee's flexion and extension provides customizable protection, tailored to the stage of rehabilitation or level of activity. For those experiencing mild to moderate instability, osteoarthritis, or recovering from meniscus injuries and arthritis, the GenuTrain S Pro is more than a brace; it's a sophisticated support system. It offers a sensorimotor boost to the muscles around the knee, enhancing proprioceptive feedback and muscle control. The breathable fabric, paired with anatomically shaped bars and inelastic straps, creates a stabilizing embrace for the knee, ensuring that every step is taken with confidence and comfort.


    Best Used For

    • Providing support for mild to moderate knee instability
    • Assisting in the management of osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
    • Supporting the knee following meniscus and ligament injuries
    • Limiting harmful knee movements during post-operative rehabilitation
    • Enhancing proprioceptive feedback for improved muscle control
    • Preventing hyperextension and restricting flexion angles during recovery
    • Offering day-long comfort and stability for ongoing knee protection

    Size and Fit

    To achieve the best therapeutic outcomes with the GenuTrain S Pro, finding the right fit is essential. This brace is available in multiple sizes and the adjustable straps allow for precision fitting. It is important to measure your knee according to the instructions provided to ensure you select the appropriate size for your anatomy and needs.

    Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace sizing chart

    Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace sizing chart


    Product Features

    • Adjustable hinges to set and restrict the knee's range of motion as needed
    • Integral inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg for robust joint stability
    • Anatomically contoured joint splints that can be adjusted by an orthotist
    • Ability to limit flexion at 30°, 60°, or 90° and lock extension at 20°
    • Elastic pressure cushion that surrounds the kneecap for added protection
    • Stimulation of the surrounding musculature through a massage effect
    • Activation of sensorimotor processes to support muscle control and stability

    Material and Quality

    The GenuTrain S Pro is constructed from a new knitting concept that offers exceptional stretch, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, especially in the popliteal area. Its high-quality material ensures lasting durability while maintaining the ideal balance of support and comfort.

    Mode of action

    The GenuTrain S Pro's mode of action is twofold: it offers passive support through its structural design of joint bars and straps while providing active support by stimulating sensorimotor processes. The movement of the knee actively shifts the padded ring, delivering a therapeutic massage to the soft tissues around the kneecap, aiding in quicker reabsorption of edema and effusions.

    Product Shipping

    This item qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada. We aim to provide not only the best in knee support but also the best service, ensuring that your product is delivered to you efficiently and at no extra cost.

    Return Policy

    We stand behind our product and offer a hassle-free return policy. If the GenuTrain S Pro knee brace does not fit properly or doesn't meet your expectations, we welcome you to return it, ensuring your purchase is risk-free and satisfactory.

    Care Instructions

    All Train active supports can be washed separately in the washing machine at 30 ° C with liquid detergent. Please note the following information:

    1. In the case of products with Velcro straps, these should be removed if possible or firmly attached to the designated place.
    2. If possible, pads or splints should also be removed before washing.

    It is recommended to use a laundry net (spin cycle: maximum 500 revolutions per minute). Dry your Train active support in the air and not in the dryer, otherwise the knitted fabric may be impaired.

    Please wash your Train active support regularly so that the compression of the knitted fabric is retained.

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