Bauerfeind GloboTec Junior Insole (Pair)

Size: 22
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The GloboTec Junior insole is a crucial intervention for children with arched feet, helping to prevent the potential for consequential damage that could affect their development and mobility. Designed with precision, this insert offers both support and corrective alignment tailored specifically for the developing feet of children. Its structure, featuring a high heel cup, naturally aligns the foot, encouraging proper posture and gait from an early age. Regular use of the GloboTec Junior insole can not only enhance the comfort and support for active children but also contribute significantly to a healthier, more active lifestyle. By addressing issues such as excessive hindfoot pronation, knock-knees, and uneven shoe wear, these insoles are an essential tool for ensuring the foundation of your child's movement is secure and well-aligned, leading to improved overall body posture and movement comfort.


Best Used For

  • Correcting pediatric flat feet and excessive hindfoot pronation
  • Providing essential arch support for children's developing feet
  • Improving alignment for a healthy posture and active lifestyle
  • Adapting to a wide variety of children's shoe styles and sizes
  • Alleviating pain in feet, legs, or hips associated with foot misalignment
  • Supporting physical activities and improving body alignment
  • Preventing uneven wear in shoes due to knock-knees or incorrect foot posture

Special Features

  • Injection-molded orthotic core with a cushion layer for comfort
  • ¾-length design to fit into a wide range of shoes without excess bulk
  • Thin, flexible edges for a seamless fit in shoes
  • High, stabilizing heel cup for natural foot alignment
  • Designed to be thin at the heel and edges to reduce shoe fitting issues

Care Instructions

Maintaining the GloboTec Junior insoles is simple. The surfaces can be cleaned using a mild cleaner or disinfectant (except for leather top covers). These insoles are not machine washable and should not be exposed to direct heat sources such as heaters or prolonged direct sunlight to preserve their shape and material integrity.

Product Shipping

This item qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring that the foot health of your child is taken care of without extra shipping charges. Expect prompt delivery with the care your family deserves.

Return Policy

We stand behind our GloboTec Junior insoles and offer a hassle-free return policy. Should the insoles not fit properly or fail to meet your expectations, you can return them with ease, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

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