Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Brace

Size: 1
Pad: None
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The Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Brace is a robust stabilizing orthosis designed to ensure optimal spinal posture and provide targeted relief to the lumbar spine. Ideal for individuals suffering from lumbar vertebral syndrome or significant muscular weakness of the spine, the LumboLoc Forte serves as a formidable support system. Its integral corset stays are crafted from aluminum and meticulously shaped to maintain an anatomically correct and supportive posture. This orthosis comes equipped with two distinct pressure cushions (pads), which can be positioned to deliver a therapeutic massage effect to either the lumbar region or sacrum. The adjustable front function belt allows for tailored compression, which in turn alleviates strain on the lumbar spine, while also enabling the user to control the intensity of the massage exerted by the pad. Offering ease of use, this brace can be fitted effortlessly, providing both support and activation to aid in combating back pain effectively.


Best Used For

  • Stabilizing the lumbar spine in cases of vertebral syndrome
  • Supporting severe muscular weakness of the spine
  • Maintaining proper spinal posture
  • Massaging the lumbar region or sacrum to release tension
  • Alleviating back pain through adjustable compression
  • Encouraging pain relief with adjustable massage effects
  • Providing a comfortable fit for daily wear

Sizing Chart


  • Corset stays made of anatomically contoured aluminum
  • Two pressure pads for targeted massage effect
  • Adjustable function belt for varied abdominal compression
  • Easy to put on with practical finger pockets
  • Supports the natural alignment of the spine
  • Elastic, breathable material for ideal fit and comfort
  • Individually adaptable for a perfect custom fit

Material and Quality

The LumboLoc Forte is constructed from high-grade, elastic, and breathable fabric that conforms to the contours of the body while ensuring optimal air flow for maximum comfort. The durable aluminum stays are both malleable and strong, providing a reliable framework for spinal support.

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This item is eligible for Free Shipping across Canada, allowing you to receive the support you need with no additional cost and the convenience of a swift and efficient delivery service.

Return Policy

We stand behind the LumboLoc Forte Back Brace with our hassle-free return policy. If it doesn't fit properly or it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return the brace with ease, ensuring a smooth and confident purchasing experience.

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