Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace

Size: 1
Leg: Right
Sale price$230.00

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For individuals with an unstable ankle, the MalleoLoc L orthosis offers unilateral stabilization tailored to support daily life activities, such as walking or taking the stairs, without hindering natural foot movement. Designed to be worn within the confines of narrow footwear, this slim-fit orthosis accommodates both athletic and formal shoes. Its L-shaped shell, strategically placed along the lateral side of the ankle, provides targeted stability, effectively mitigating the risk of sprains and ligament strain. The MalleoLoc L is equipped with non-elastic Velcro straps, ensuring the orthosis stays firmly in place while allowing the foot to move through its natural heel-to-toe motion. Suitable for navigating uneven terrains, moving at speed, or engaging in light sports activities, it offers robust protection against excessive ankle strain. The shell's interior is lined with a soft, padded microfiber cover, enhancing comfort for all-day wear. The universal sizing of MalleoLoc L ensures a versatile fit for both the right and left foot, providing a reliable solution for those seeking to reinforce ankle stability during their daily routines.



  • Conservative treatment of ankle sprains and ligament ruptures
  • Support for acute and chronic capsular ligament instabilities
  • Prevention of chronic ligament instability
  • Management of inflammatory and degenerative functional impairments

Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Unilaterally stabilizes the outer ankle
  • Compatible with narrow shoes for daily wear
  • Preserves natural heel-to-toe foot movement
  • Anatomically shaped L shell for focused support
  • Two non-elastic Velcro straps for secure application
  • Soft, padded microfiber interior for comfort
  • Universal sizing adaptable for right or left foot

Material and Quality

MalleoLoc L is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, featuring a slim, lightweight design with a durable microfiber lining for comfort. The structural integrity of the orthosis is maintained by the robust aluminum frame, ensuring longevity and consistent support.

Product Shipping

The MalleoLoc L orthosis qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring accessible stabilization support for those in need without the extra burden of shipping costs.

Return Policy

We uphold a hassle-free return policy, guaranteeing that you can return the MalleoLoc L orthosis if it does not fit correctly or if it fails to meet your stabilization needs.

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