Bauerfeind MalleoLoc L Ankle Brace

Leg: Right
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The MalleoLoc L Orthosis is meticulously designed for unilateral ankle stabilization, catering to individuals who require additional support during everyday tasks like walking or ascending stairs. Its slim profile ensures it fits discreetly within both athletic and formal footwear, while the anatomically contoured L-shell aligns precisely with the outer ankle for targeted stabilization. The orthosis features dual non-elastic Velcro straps that secure comfortably around the lower leg and foot, reinforcing the ankle against adverse movements that may lead to further injury. Not only does the MalleoLoc L protect against sprains, but it also encourages a natural gait by allowing the inherent heel-to-toe movement of the foot. Whether navigating uneven terrains, engaging in moderate sports activities, or simply performing daily routines, the MalleoLoc L offers a combination of protection and proprioceptive feedback, empowering users with improved coordination and confidence in their mobility.


Best Used For

  • Unilateral ankle stabilization during daily activities
  • Protection against ankle sprains and strains
  • Support after ankle injuries or in cases of ligament weakness
  • Use in narrow footwear, including sports and business shoes
  • Maintaining natural foot movement while providing stabilization
  • Enhanced proprioception for better coordination and muscle activation
  • Preventative support for individuals with a history of ankle sprains

Sizing Chart

Sizing for Bauerfeind MalleoLoc L Ankle Brace is universal. One size will fit almost everyone.

Product Features

  • Stabilization focused on the lateral side of the ankle
  • Slim design compatible with various shoe types
  • Anatomically shaped L-shell for precise support
  • Two secure non-elastic Velcro straps for a firm fit
  • Allows for natural heel-to-toe foot movement
  • Option to add a plantar pad for additional foot lift support
  • Universal sizing for versatile application

Material and Quality

Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, the MalleoLoc L Orthosis is designed for longevity and sustained support, featuring a padded microfiber interior for all-day comfort.

Product Shipping

As a commitment to customer service, this item is offered with Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring your stabilization needs are met promptly and without additional cost.

Return Policy

We stand behind the quality of our products with a hassle-free return policy, so you can confidently return the MalleoLoc L Orthosis if it does not fit properly or meet your stabilization requirements.

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