Bauerfeind ManuLoc Long Plus Wrist Brace

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The ManuLoc long Plus offers a robust solution for comprehensive hand immobilization while ensuring the thumb maintains its natural range of motion. This orthosis is specifically designed to immobilize the entire hand up to the thumb, including parts of the forearm and the second to fifth fingers, safeguarding against stretching, bending, and rotating movements that could impede recovery. The removable finger support secures the fingers in either an outstretched or intrinsic plus position, which is critical for maintaining the integrity of the outer capsular ligaments during immobilization. Three anatomically pre-shaped aluminum stays secure the wrist in a functional position, alleviating strain and reinforcing the forearm's stability. This immobilization is key to protecting the hand from undue mechanical stress and fostering an optimal healing environment. Beyond its therapeutic benefits, the ManuLoc long Plus is designed with practicality in mind, featuring large Velcro fastenings for effortless, one-handed application and removal. Its lightweight and breathable construction make it an ideal orthotic for various stages of treatment, from initial injury through the recovery and rehabilitation process.


Best Used For

  • Immobilizing the hand and forearm post-injury or surgery
  • Maintaining the fingers in a protective position to prevent ligament damage
  • Allowing free thumb movement while the rest of the hand is immobilized
  • Relieving pain and restricting detrimental hand movements
  • Facilitating one-handed application for ease of use
  • Supporting the healing process by preventing inappropriate mechanical stress
  • Enabling continued treatment compliance, such as wound inspection and therapy exercises

Sizing Chart

Bauerfeind ManuLoc Long Plus Wrist Brace Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Complete immobilization of the hand up to the thumb for maximum protection
  • Removable finger support for adjustable care
  • Three anatomically shaped aluminum stays for functional wrist positioning
  • Wide, adjustable finger support to fix the hand in the desired healing position
  • Large Velcro fastenings for easy, one-handed donning and doffing
  • Lightweight and breathable design for comfortable, all-day wear
  • Free thumb movement to prevent joint stiffness without compromising stabilization

Material and Quality

Constructed from high-quality, breathable fabrics, the ManuLoc long Plus ensures wearer comfort, even during prolonged use. The stability is enhanced by the lightweight yet durable aluminum stays that maintain the therapeutic positioning of the wrist and forearm.

Product Shipping

This item qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, providing a convenient way to receive necessary hand and wrist stabilization support promptly and without additional shipping costs.

Return Policy

We stand behind our product with a hassle-free return policy. If the ManuLoc long Plus does not fit properly or meet your therapeutic needs, it can be returned easily, ensuring your satisfaction with your orthotic care.

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