Bauerfeind ManuLoc Long Wrist Brace

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The ManuLoc Long is an extended version of the ManuLoc wrist orthosis, meticulously designed to provide immobilization not only to the wrist but also to a substantial portion of the forearm. This enhanced support is crucial in relieving severe symptoms, aiding in recovery from significant trauma, or following the removal of a surgical cast. By restricting painful movements yet allowing the hand the freedom to grip and maneuver objects, the ManuLoc long offers a balance between intensive protection and functional mobility. Its construction includes three long aluminum stays that maintain the wrist in a neutral position and extend up the forearm to limit movements that could impede healing. Despite its robust support, this orthosis encourages finger mobility to avert stiffness and mechanical stress on the joints, which can often result from compensatory pain-avoidance postures. Combining stability with mobility, the ManuLoc long is a practical aid in both everyday life and throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process.


Best Used For

  • Extensive immobilization of the wrist and forearm post-injury or surgery
  • Supporting the healing process after severe bruising or cast removal
  • Preventing painful wrist and forearm movements
  • Allowing controlled gripping movements to maintain hand functionality
  • Providing a secure fit that's easy to manage with one hand
  • Facilitating daily activities without significant restriction
  • Integration with treatment routines, such as wound inspection and therapy

Sizing Chart

Bauerfeind ManuLoc Long Wrist Brace Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Three long aluminum stays for immobilization of the wrist and forearm
  • Freedom for fingers to grip, preventing stiffness and joint stress
  • Lightweight and flat design for discreet wear under clothing
  • Air holes and open design for skin breathability
  • Four large micro Velcro fastenings for easy self-application
  • Stable yet comfortable support for intensive symptom relief
  • Designed to simplify the treatment process and everyday usability

Material and Quality

The ManuLoc long is crafted from lightweight materials that provide durable support without cumbersome bulk. The quality design incorporates air holes and an open structure to ensure breathability, enhancing comfort during prolonged wear.

Product Shipping

This item comes with Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring that you can receive your ManuLoc long orthosis quickly and without any extra costs, supporting your path to recovery.

Return Policy

We offer a hassle-free return policy for the ManuLoc long. If the orthosis doesn't fit properly or doesn't meet your recovery needs, you can return it easily, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

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