Bauerfeind ManuLoc Rhizo Long Wrist Brace

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Arm: Right
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The ManuLoc Rhizo long is a robust orthosis designed for comprehensive management of wrist and thumb joint conditions. Particularly effective in cases of irritation and combined injuries affecting the wrist, thumb carpometacarpal joint, and thumb basal joint, this orthosis immobilizes the affected areas to ensure a secure healing environment. The construction of the ManuLoc Rhizo long is adjustable, reflecting the changing needs of the patient as they progress through treatment. Initially, it stabilizes the wrist, thumb, and forearm, then gradually allows increased mobility of the thumb basal joint. Eventually, the thumb support itself can be removed as the patient regains function. The incorporation of anatomically contoured aluminum stays provides customizable support, while the VELCRO® Brand tabs offer controlled mobility, leading to improved muscle function and long-term recovery. Engineered for convenience, the ManuLoc Rhizo long can be worn and removed with one hand, thanks to its large micro VELCRO® Brand Fastening System, and is constructed from breathable materials that ensure comfort even under clothing.


Best Used For

  • Immobilization of the wrist and thumb in post-operative and post-traumatic conditions
  • Adjustable stabilization for the thumb basal and carpometacarpal joints
  • Gradual increase of thumb joint mobility as part of a therapeutic regimen
  • Management of severe carpometacarpal joint arthrosis
  • Support for combination injuries in the wrist and thumb carpometacarpal joint
  • Alleviation of symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pre-operative care to immobilize and stabilize the wrist and thumb

Sizing Chart

ManuLoc Rhizo Long Wrist Brace Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Anatomically shaped aluminum stays for customized support
  • VELCRO® Brand tabs for progressive adjustment of joint mobility
  • Easy one-hand application and removal with a full-length micro VELCRO® Brand Fastening System
  • Integrated pull-back stop device on straps for quick securing
  • Breathable materials with air holes for enhanced comfort
  • Flat design with velour and micro VELCRO® Brand Fastening System for discreet wear under clothing
  • Lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise on stability

Material and Quality

The ManuLoc Rhizo long is made from high-quality, lightweight materials that are durable and comfortable for everyday wear. The velour and micro VELCRO® Brand Fastening System ensure a snug fit, while the breathable fabric with air holes prevents the build-up of moisture, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Product Shipping

Qualifying for Free Shipping across Canada, the ManuLoc Rhizo long is delivered directly to your doorstep efficiently and promptly, aiding in your timely recovery.

Return Policy

Standing behind our product, we offer a hassle-free return policy. If the ManuLoc Rhizo long does not fit properly or fails to meet your expectations, you can return the brace easily, ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in choosing our orthotic solution.

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