Bauerfeind ManuLoc Wrist Brace

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The Bauerfeind ManuLoc wrist brace is a medical-grade orthosis designed to stabilize and immobilize the wrist, particularly following carpal tunnel syndrome diagnoses, post-operative recovery, or other wrist irritations. It adeptly maintains proper wrist alignment while enabling necessary hand functionality, specifically gripping movements. This balance minimizes undue stress and promotes a healing environment. Crafted from breathable materials with integrated air pores, the ManuLoc is not only lightweight but also conforms snugly to the wrist, ensuring both stability and comfort. Even during extended periods of wear, it remains comfortable against the skin, making it an ideal choice for both daytime activity and nighttime support.

Best Used For

  • Immobilization of the wrist post-surgery or during carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
  • Stabilizing the wrist to avoid incorrect movements and stress
  • Enabling essential hand functions and gripping movements
  • Providing long-term comfort with skin-friendly materials
  • Securing the wrist in a therapeutic position for healing
  • Use in daily activities with a lightweight and unobtrusive design
  • Extended wear due to its breathable and snug fit

Product Features

  • Stabilizes the wrist while allowing functional hand movement
  • Lightweight and flat construction for discreet use under clothing
  • Breathable fabric with air pores for enhanced comfort
  • Easy to use with patient-friendly application
  • Skin-friendly material to prevent irritation
  • Durable design for sustained use during the recovery process
  • Adjustable straps to accommodate swelling and ensure a proper fit

Material and Quality

The ManuLoc wrist brace is manufactured using high-quality, breathable materials that are gentle on the skin. The lightweight design does not compromise the brace's supportive integrity, ensuring effective stabilization throughout the healing process.

Product Shipping

This wrist brace qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for those requiring wrist support.

Return Policy

We stand behind our ManuLoc wrist brace with a hassle-free return policy. If the brace does not fit correctly or doesn't meet your expectations, it can be returned easily, ensuring your satisfaction with the purchase.

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