Bauerfeind OmoLoc Shoulder Brace

Size: 1
Arm: Left
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The OmoLoc arm sling is a specialized orthotic device designed to provide exceptional support and stabilization following shoulder surgery or the reduction of a dislocated shoulder. With its open and airy construction, the sling not only ensures the arm is held securely but also facilitates personal hygiene, particularly around the wound area. It effectively immobilizes the arm in a zero-degree abduction position while maintaining the elbow at a 90-100 degree angle, which is essential for pain relief and stabilization of the surgical or injury outcome. The OmoLoc's unique design, consisting of a pelvic/abdominal strap with three adjustable arm loops, allows for a personalized fit that can accommodate the patient's individual body structure. This sling's ability to limit movement helps to significantly reduce pain and ensures the protection of the shoulder during the critical healing phase.


Best Used For

  • Immobilization after shoulder surgery or dislocation
  • Relieving pain through stabilization of the shoulder joint
  • Maintaining appropriate arm positioning for healing
  • Ensuring secure hold of the arm, particularly at night
  • Facilitating wound hygiene and care
  • Preventing incorrect posture and tension in the unaffected shoulder
  • Adjustable comfort for individual anatomical requirements

High Level of Comfort

  • Easy to don and suitable for night use
  • Comfortable material that is gentle on the skin
  • No shoulder strap required, minimizing strain on the healthy shoulder
  • Optional shoulder strap available if additional support is needed

Note on Availability

Please be aware that the OmoLoc arm sling is a special order item. Shipping times for this product may be longer than usual, but rest assured that we prioritize getting your essential orthotic to you in a timely manner.

Return Policy

While we hope the OmoLoc arm sling meets your post-operative or injury recovery needs, we offer a hassle-free return policy should the product not fit properly or meet your expectations. Our commitment to your care and satisfaction is reflected in our customer-friendly return process.


Sizing Chart


Bauerfeind OmoLoc Shoulder Brace Sizing Chart


Note: This product is special order and shipping for this item may take longer than usual

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