Bauerfeind Rhizo Long Plus Wrist Brace

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Arm: Right
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The ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is a comprehensive orthosis designed for the immobilization of the hand, offering stabilization to the wrist, thumb, long fingers, and parts of the forearm. Its design addresses a wide spectrum of needs, from initial injury through various stages of recovery. Immediate pain relief is achieved through protective immobilization, which can be gradually reduced as the condition improves thanks to the removable thumb brace and finger support. The orthosis comes with three anatomically pre-shaped aluminum stays that maintain the wrist in a functional rest position, simultaneously alleviating strain on the forearm and limiting stretching, bending, and rotational hand movements. A shapeable aluminum stay immobilizes the thumb, aiding the healing of lateral ligament strains, while the adjustable finger support secures the long fingers in an extended or intrinsic plus position, which is crucial for preventing capsular ligament damage during immobilization. Lightweight and easy to manage, the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus can be donned with one hand, making it an ideal solution for patients seeking a balance between stability and gradual return to mobility.


Best Used For

  • Immobilization of the hand following injury or surgery
  • Stabilization of the wrist, thumb carpometacarpal and basal joints, and long finger joints
  • Relieving pain through protective immobilization
  • Supporting multi-stage hand therapy with adjustable and removable components
  • Restricting harmful hand movements while allowing for progressive mobility
  • Preventing damage to capsular ligaments during immobilization
  • Enabling easy application and adjustment with one hand

Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Three anatomically pre-shaped aluminum stays for wrist and forearm immobilization
  • Removable thumb brace for gradual rehabilitation of the thumb joint
  • Adjustable finger support to maintain hand and finger positioning
  • Shapeable aluminum stay for thumb opposition immobilization
  • Designed for easy one-handed application and removal
  • Lightweight structure that doesn't impede the freedom of movement for non-affected areas
  • Supports a multi-stage recovery, adjustable to therapeutic progress

Material and Quality

The ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is crafted from high-quality, durable materials suitable for long-term wear. The aluminum stays are lightweight yet robust, ensuring both comfort and reliable support. The material used for the brace is chosen for its skin-friendly properties and ease of maintenance.

Product Shipping

This item qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada. We ensure that the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is delivered to you in a timely manner, so you can start your journey to recovery without delay.

Return Policy

We stand behind our product with a hassle-free return policy. Should the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus not meet your sizing needs or expectations, we offer a smooth return process, ensuring that your satisfaction is our priority.

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