Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu Knee Brace

Size: 1
Color: Navy Blue
Leg: Left
Sale price$1,000.00

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SecuTec® Genu is a paradigm of innovative orthosis, offering robust knee stabilization during the critical healing phase post-ligament injuries, meniscal operations, or collateral ligament traumas. Crafted from a special light metal alloy, its design marries the dual demands of strength and lightness. The orthosis's anatomical conformity to the leg ensures a snug fit, while the ease of application and removal accentuates its user-friendly nature. Breathable, non-slip padding guarantees the orthosis remains secure and comfortable, an attribute that didn't go unnoticed as it clinched the Innovation Prize in the Industry category by the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Initiative in 2007. The SecuTec Genu's design allows it to be worn from the front, mitigating stress on sensitive ligament structures during the donning process. The customizable frame allows orthotists to tailor the brace to individual leg shapes, ensuring each patient experiences optimal support without sacrificing comfort.


Best Used For

  • Stabilization of the knee post-ligament injuries
  • Support following meniscal surgery
  • Rehabilitation of collateral ligament injuries
  • Protection and stabilization during knee joint recovery
  • Maintenance of knee stability without impeding comfort
  • Minimizing stress on healing ligament structures
  • Everyday wear for patients requiring external knee support

High-Tech Healing Powers

With the SecuTec Genu, being sturdy and being lightweight are not mutually exclusive. This is made possible by a special, very strong light metal alloy. Breathable, non-slip pads ensure that the orthosis sits securely and comfortably on the leg. In 2007, this concept also impressed the jury for the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Initiative. They awarded the SecuTec Genu the Innovation Prize in the Industry category.

Stability and Comfort

The SecuTec Genu is simply put on to the leg from the front. There is therefore no need to bend the knee joint sharply. This minimizes stress peaks on the ligaments or ligament structures that are under strain. Orthotists can easily adapt the frame to fit any particular leg shape.

Sizing Chart

Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu Knee Brace Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • High-strength yet lightweight metal alloy frame
  • Breathable, non-slip pads for secure and comfortable wear
  • Frontal application design to avoid bending stress on the knee
  • Adjustable frame to accommodate varying leg shapes
  • Low profile to fit under clothing discreetly
  • Award-winning design recognized for innovation and functionality
  • High wearing comfort suitable for extended periods

Material and Quality

The SecuTec® Genu utilizes a high-grade light metal alloy and non-slip pads that are both durable and skin-friendly, ensuring the orthosis is both a dependable and comfortable solution for knee stabilization.

Product Shipping

SecuTec® Genu qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, providing patients with a timely and cost-effective solution for knee support.

Return Policy

Our hassle-free return policy for SecuTec® Genu ensures that if the brace doesn't fit or meet your needs, it can be returned with ease, ensuring your satisfaction with the purchase.

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