Bauerfeind SofTec Genu Knee Brace

Color: Titan (Grey)
Size: 1
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The SofTec® Genu Knee Brace is a groundbreaking orthosis, engineered for both active and passive stabilization of the knee joint, making it an ideal long-term treatment solution for various knee conditions. Whether dealing with ligament injuries, collateral ligament damage, or arthritis, the SofTec® Genu provides unparalleled support. This orthosis uniquely blends rigid stability from aluminum sidebars and controlled motion features with the therapeutic massage of a kneecap pad. Its advanced construction consists of an integrated viscoelastic insert and vector-oriented knitted fabric, which conforms anatomically to the knee, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. The brace not only relieves pain but also actively massages the knee with every movement, promoting faster recovery. The "intelligent" joint splints in SofTec® Genu adapt to your knee's personal axis of rotation, ensuring optimal alignment, reducing strain, and accommodating natural, non-damaging movements.


Best Used For

  • Stabilization and recovery following knee injuries or surgeries
  • Support and pain relief for knee arthritis
  • Protecting the knee from excess strain during healing
  • Facilitating natural knee movement and recovery
  • Long-term treatment of ligament and collateral injuries
  • Enhancing circulation and tissue massage around the knee
  • Adapting to individual knee joint axes for personalized support

Quickly On Your Feet Again

If your knee has been injured or just been operated on, it needs to be protected from excess strain. SofTec® Genu gives you a great feeling of stability, without restricting your mobility. On the contrary: every movement also activates the massaging nodules on the built-in knee pad. These massage the surrounding tissue and so speed up the healing process.

The Intelligent Knee Orthosis

The position of the axis of rotation in the knee joint varies from person to person. That is why the SofTec® Genu knee orthosis comes with "intelligent" side joints. They adjust automatically to your personal axis of rotation. This reduces strain on the knee and means that the orthosis follows every non-damaging movement you make. 

Sizing Chart


Product Features

  • Medical-grade compression (Ccl 1, 20-30 mmHg)
  • Rigid aluminum sidebars for robust stabilization
  • Complete range of motion (ROM) control with lock-out capability
  • Integrated viscoelastic insert for knee protection and massage
  • Anatomically shaped, breathable knitted fabric for superior comfort
  • "Intelligent" side joints that adjust to individual knee rotation axes
  • Massaging nodules on the knee pad to speed up healing

Material and Quality

Crafted with high-quality materials, the SofTec® Genu Knee Brace combines strength, flexibility, and comfort. The vector-oriented knit fabric is breathable, ensuring all-day wearability, while the sturdy aluminum sidebars provide dependable knee support.

Product Shipping

This item comes with Free Shipping across Canada, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to receive essential knee support.

Return Policy

We stand behind the SofTec® Genu Knee Brace with a hassle-free return policy. If the brace does not meet your expectations or fit needs, it can be returned easily, ensuring complete satisfaction with your purchase.

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