BREG Fusion Women's Knee Brace OTS

Size: Extra Small
Leg: Left
Sale price$885.00

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By combining a precise fit, unmatched comfort, and a sleek design that looks great, Fusion Women’s is the ultimate brace for active women. Whether you're an athlete or just need some extra support in your daily life, this brace delivers exceptional performance and style. The Fusion Women’s brace offers top-notch features that ensure your comfort and well-being throughout the day. It's designed to meet the unique needs of active women and provide the support you need to keep moving comfortably.

If you're looking for a brace that combines functionality and style, Fusion Women’s is the perfect choice. Its AirTech™ Frame pads feature innovative windows and channels that allow cooling air to flow while efficiently wicking away moisture and heat from your skin. The Pivot Point Strap tabs enable the straps to contour to your leg for a superior fit, comfort, and suspension. Fusion Women’s is available exclusively in elegant Black, ensuring that you not only feel great but look great too. Experience the fusion of style and support with Fusion Women’s.

Best Used For

  • Providing exceptional support and comfort for active women
  • Helping athletes with stability during physical activities
  • Daily wear to relieve discomfort and support the knee
  • Enhancing performance in various sports and activities
  • Managing knee-related pain and discomfort
  • Aiding recovery from knee injuries or surgeries
  • Preventing knee injuries during sports and workouts

Size and Fit

Product Features

  • AirTech™ Frame pads for optimal airflow and moisture control
  • Pivot Point Strap tabs for superior fit and comfort
  • Elegant Black color for a stylish look

Material and Quality

  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Carefully crafted for long-lasting performance
  • Comfortable materials for all-day wear
  • Designed for active lifestyles
  • Built to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Quality you can trust
  • Made to enhance your comfort and performance

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Return Policy

We stand behind our product and offer a hassle-free return policy, ensuring that you can return the brace if it doesn't fit properly or doesn't meet your expectations.

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