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Movement-limiting ankle orthosis with adjustable air cushions.

Movement-limiting ankle orthosis with adjustable air cushions.

Indications for Use:

  • Treatment of (acute) injuries to the capsular ligament complex
  • Early functional/non-surgical treatment, e.g. after ankle sprains and ruptured ligaments
  • Post-operative rehabilitation/protection, e.g. after suture repair/ligament reconstruction
  • Chronic ligament insufficiency/instability
  • Recurrence prevention
  • Weber A fracture (not dislocated)

Benefits and Modes of Action:

  • When worn with shoes, stabilizes the medial and latral capsular ligament structures in the ankle after acute injuries.
  • Pronation and supination are mechanically restricted to prevent recurring trauma
  • The flat, anatomically contoured orthosis has been designed for acute treatment in particualr, and is available in one universal size for the left/right foot. 
  • The insides feature extensive foam pads in a soft microfiber top cover
  • Two anatomically contoured plastic shells form a U splint and are secured with two anatomically contoured Velcro straps that are wound around the ankle and lower leg in the circle. 
  • The shells are elastically linked to each other underneath the heel bone and therefore adapt to the individual width of the foot and current degree of swelling. 

Application Instructions:

  • The air cushions incorporated on the sides can be adjusted to the individual degree of swelling, using the integrated pump and release valve
  • Slim design so easily fits into various types of footwear

Proven by research: 34% fewer complications in ankle treatment compared to taping

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