Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Brace

Color: Titan
Size: 1
Leg: Right
Sale price$149.99

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The MalleoTrain® Ankle Brace is a therapeutic solution expertly designed for the relief and stabilization of the ankle joint. It's an ideal choice for individuals recovering from injuries, undergoing post-surgical rehabilitation, or managing symptoms of osteoarthritis. This orthopedic brace features two anatomically contoured viscoelastic pads positioned around the inner and outer malleolus, effectively diminishing effusions and providing targeted support. The innovative three-dimensional Train knit fabric not only ensures a snug, comfortable fit but also stimulates circulation, thereby enhancing the healing process. The MalleoTrain® is crafted to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and maintain ankle stability, making every step more comfortable. With its high elasticity, the brace is easy to wear and remove, while its breathable fabric is gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort throughout the day. MalleoTrain® has been recognized for its functionality and design, winning awards and earning the trust of patients and medical professionals alike for its effective stabilization and soothing massage effect on the ankle joint.


Best Used For

  • Sore ankle relief post-injury, surgery, or in cases of osteoarthritis
  • Reduction of swelling and effusions around the ankle
  • Stabilization of the ankle joint during recovery
  • Improving circulation in the ankle area
  • Providing a comfortable fit for daily wear
  • Supporting the ankle without restricting mobility
  • Minimizing pain during movement and promoting faster recovery

Sizing Chart

Product Features

  • Medical-grade compression (Ccl 1, 20-30 mmHg)
  • Anatomically designed viscoelastic pads for targeted support
  • Three-dimensional Train knit for a perfect, conforming fit
  • High elasticity for ease of application and removal
  • Breathable, skin-friendly fabric for all-day comfort
  • Reduced pressure at brace edges to prevent constriction
  • Award-winning functionality and design

Material and Quality

Constructed with high-quality materials, the MalleoTrain® Ankle Brace is designed for durability and efficacy. The viscoelastic pads and Train knit fabric ensure both targeted support and overall comfort.

Product Shipping

The MalleoTrain® Ankle Brace qualifies for Free Shipping across Canada, providing an accessible solution for your ankle support needs.

Return Policy

We offer a hassle-free return policy for the MalleoTrain® Ankle Brace. If it does not fit properly or meet your expectations, it can be returned with ease, ensuring your satisfaction with the purchase.

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