Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace

Color: Titan
Leg: Right
Size: 1
Sale price$189.99

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The MalleoTrain Plus ankle support offers superior stabilization for the foot, especially after injuries such as twists and sprains, or in conditions where the ligaments are weak and prone to overloading during athletic activities. By integrating two elastic profile inserts along with a semi-elastic strap system, designed in a figure-of-eight pattern around the foot, MalleoTrain Plus not only augments the support's stabilizing function but also ensures the ankle is safeguarded against outward twisting. This support excels in facilitating early functional treatment of capsular ligament strains and is an excellent preventive measure against ankle injuries. The unique construction of MalleoTrain Plus merges the compression effect of the Train active knit with the stabilizing benefits of sport taping techniques, offering a dual approach to stabilizing the ankle joint. Movement prompts intermittent compression massage, activating the muscles and enhancing overall joint stability. The figure-of-eight strap system further amplifies this stabilizing effect, actively working against the common issue of the ankle twisting outward, much like a sports tape would, but with the added benefit of reusability and adjustable tension.


Best Used For

  • Stabilizing the foot after twists, sprains, and ligament weakness
  • Supporting the ankle during sports and extreme physical activities
  • Early functional treatment of capsular ligament strains
  • Preventing the ankle from twisting outward
  • Providing compression and massage to relieve ankle pain and activate musculature
  • Enhancing mobility and comfort during recovery
  • Acting as a protective measure against further ankle injuries

Sizing Chart

Greater Stability

MalleoTrain Plus unifies the proven modes of action of Bauerfeind active supports and those of sport tapings, thereby offering greater stability and security. It first stabilizes the ankle by the compressive effect of the knit and the two elastic profile inserts that are precisely aligned on the outer and inner ankle. The intermittent compression massage triggered by movement then also actives the musculature. This multiple stabilizing effect is reinforced by the semi-elastic strap system because it, like the tape bandage, is wound around the foot in a figure-of-eight. Secured in this manner, even twisting outward is actively countered.

Product Features

  • Two elastic profile inserts for targeted support on both sides of the ankle
  • Semi-elastic figure-of-eight strap system for increased ankle stability
  • Breathable Train active knit for superior wearing comfort
  • Compression and massage effects that activate the muscles during movement
  • Non-restrictive design allowing for full range of motion
  • Durable construction suitable for sports and physical activities
  • Easy application, adjustable fit, and can be worn in most footwear

Material and Quality

MalleoTrain Plus is crafted using Bauerfeind's high-quality Train active knit, known for its durability and breathability, ensuring both effective stabilization and optimal comfort. The elastic profile inserts are made from resilient materials that maintain their shape and compression properties even under continuous use.

Product Shipping

Receive your MalleoTrain Plus ankle support swiftly as it comes with Free Shipping across Canada, providing you with a seamless purchasing process.

Return Policy

If the MalleoTrain Plus does not meet your expectations or if adjustments are needed for the fit, our hassle-free return policy ensures that you can exchange or return the product with confidence and ease.

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