Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Brace

Color: Titan
Leg: Right
Size: 1
Sale price$149.99

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The MalleoTrain® S open heel active support is expertly designed for those requiring enhanced ankle stability following surgery, minor injuries, or continual strain. Its innovative open-heel design not only stabilizes the ankle but also improves tactile contact with the ground, crucial during barefoot sports like gymnastics, dancing, or martial arts. The three-tiered strap system of the MalleoTrain® S actively prevents lateral twisting of the foot, imparting a secure feeling. Crafted from breathable Train Active Knit and providing medical-grade compression, this support is comfortable for dynamic movement and fits snugly into any shoe. It offers athletes the confidence to perform with a reduced risk of further injury, while the open heel design ensures a superior grip and a natural feel of the floor during athletic endeavors.


Best Used For

  • Stabilization of the ankle after surgery or injury
  • Support during activities that strain the ligaments of the foot
  • Preventing ankle twisting in barefoot sports
  • Enhancing ground contact and grip during sports performance
  • Continuous wear for athletic training and competition
  • Providing a secure feeling and proprioceptive support
  • Facilitating recovery without restricting natural mobility

Sizing Chart

Size Chart

Product Features

  • Medical-grade compression (Ccl 1, 20-30 mmHg) for optimal stabilization
  • Semi-rigid strap system that can be individually adjusted
  • Anatomically contoured knit fabric for a perfect fit
  • Easy to put on and remove, even for individuals with arthritis
  • Durable, breathable material that maintains elasticity after washing
  • Figure-8 strap for better stabilization than traditional tape
  • Open heel design for improved sensory floor contact and reduced slippage

Material and Quality

The MalleoTrain® S is made from high-quality, breathable knit fabric that wicks away moisture, with reduced edge pressure to prevent constriction. Its durability is maintained even after repeated machine washing, ensuring the brace retains its fit and compressive properties.

Product Shipping

This item is available with Free Shipping across Canada, ensuring a swift and efficient delivery directly to your location.

Return Policy

With our hassle-free return policy, you can easily return the MalleoTrain® S open heel brace if it does not fit properly or meet your stability needs, guaranteeing peace of mind with your purchase.

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