DonJoy ManuForce Elastic Wrist Support

Arm: Left
Size: XS
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The Donjoy ManuForce is a premium elastic knitted wrist support that offers effective compression and support for common wrist injuries.  Designed for comfort, the contoured elastic knit provides a wrinkle-free fit that stays in place for targeted compression wear it's needed. The breathable non-slip design is perfect for everyday activity to rehabilitation of chronic wrist joint injuries, tendinits, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

German Engineering & Knitting Technology - ManuForce features a 3D knit designed for performance and a moldable aluminum stay for correct stabilization in any wrist position. The removable elastic strap offers added compression without restricting mobility.

Comfortable silicone insert - Helps reduce pressure on bony prominences and nerves.

Malleable palmar aluminum stay for stabilization - Can be removed following treatment of acute phase.

Removable strap - Adjustable to any compression level.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3D contoured knit for effective compression.
  • Anatomically contoured design with targeted compression & support.
  • Wrinkle-free, non-slip fit for comfortable wear.
  • Breathable material.


Measure wrist circumference as per image

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