truMedic MemoReflex™ Insoles - Comfort

Size: Small
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Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to comfort and relief with MemoReflex insoles. Treat your feet to extra cushioning with soft PU "AirCell" memory foam that features reflexology massage nodes. This works like an anti-fatigue mat to give you additional relief and comfort, so you can stay on your feet longer.

Best Used For

  • Providing relief for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Addressing Metatarsalgia
  • Easing Morton’s Neuroma
  • Alleviating Heel Pain
  • Managing Sore, Aching Feet and Ball of Foot Pain
  • Enhancing comfort for Low Profile Shoes

Size and Fit

MemoReflex insoles are designed to fit most shoe sizes comfortably. The memory foam adjusts to the unique shape of your foot, providing a personalized fit and maximum comfort. The lightweight design ensures they fit easily into your shoes without adding bulk, enhancing your overall shoe-wearing experience.

Material and Quality

Crafted with soft PU "AirCell" memory foam and reflexology massage nodes, MemoReflex insoles prioritize comfort and quality. The moisture-wicking technology keeps your feet dry throughout the day, enhancing the longevity and durability of the insoles. Enjoy the relief and cushioning provided by top-grade materials.

Return Policy

We stand behind our product and offer a hassle-free return policy, ensuring that you can return the brace if it doesn't fit properly or doesn't meet your expectations. Please note that for any health-related concerns or advice regarding the use of insoles and shoe inserts, it's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider.

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